Player Shortages

The Hawks allow a team to play with four players.  Should a team expect to have less than four players, there are three options;

    1. Request a bye - generally this request needs to be done at least one week before the game via Warriors or direct to

    2. Arrange fill-in players - every player is allowed to play their own game plus also fill-in to a higher division or age group each week.  A filled-in team may have a maximum of six players only.  Only players registered to the Warriors are allowed to fill-in, players not registered or from other clubs will result in a forfeit result for the game.

    We have lots of younger players desperate to play extra games and at higher levels, please contact us on or contact the other teams directly.  The lower divisions and younger age groups play just before your game, making arranging very easy.

    Once you have arranged the players, it is a simple matter to assign them to the team - do not just use the absent players name!  Send an email to us if you know the day before, or make the edit using the courtside computer at the game.  Ask for help from the front desk coordinator at Bendat or Lords if you are not sure how to do.

    3. Forfeit - ideally sent through to the Warriors or Hawks the day before the game, so the other team can make other plans.