Woodlands Warriors registration occurs via the PLHBA system link which is provided to the team manager by the club registrar.

A guide by Basketball WA provides a step by step process with screenshots and can be downloaded here.

The basic steps are as follows;
1. Create or find old login  
- Old logins likely will need to reset your password. Sometimes parents have different email addresses used for children of the same family.
2. Register each player in your family
3. Pay fees
4. Recieve confirmation email and payment invoice

The fees are four parts paid at the same time;
Basketball Australia Development Fee: $5.61 ($0 in 2023)
Basketball WA Registration Fee: $41.75 ($30 in 2020, $35 in 2021, $36.75 in 2022, $41.75 in 2023)
Woodlands Warriors Registration fees: $125 (unchanged since 2018)
Perry Lakes Hawks Season fees:  $170 ($150 in 2021, $160 in 2022, $170 in 2023)
The club fees are reviewed each year at the club's AGM.

Kidsports vouchers can be used through the registration process against Hawks fees. Should you need further financial assistance please contact the club. Families with multiple children in the club should email their details to the President.

Once registered, the automated system will provide notice to Woodlands Warriors and we can start the team assignment process.

PLHBA policy as follows;
Any player that registers and withdraws prior to the end of  Week 5 will be entitled to a refund of the Hawks membership fee.  We will refund cost less:
•             10% for withdrawals prior to the season commencing
•             30% for withdrawal during the grading process
•             50% for withdrawal before the end of week 5
BWA fee is non refundable.
Woodlands Warriors fee is refundable before the end of week 5.

FAQs (below 'club' refers to Woodlands Warriors)
1. Two kids simultaneous regstration does not work - solution - register each player one by one.
2. Cant login to register for the new season - solution - send an email to the club and we can advise which email address you used for the registration last year.
3. A player's birthday is a few weeks before the cutoff - solution - advise the club, depending on size, ability and school year, the club will request an exemption from the Hawks. 
4. Moving a player to a different club after registration - solution - both clubs advise the Hawks they agree to the move and settle fees outside the SportsTG system, then the Hawks will make the move from their side.
5. A player plays for a WABL team other than the Hawks and wants to play in the Junior Comp - solution - check with your WABL team this is OK, then register with Hawks as normal.
6. A player plays for the Hawks WABL development, how do the fees work for the Junior Competition - solution - the fees for Junior Comp are separate and the player registers as normal.
7. What is the insurance cover for the club - solution - the club is covered under the Basketball WA insurance policy for training and playing basketball for club purposes.
8. Registration has closed, can I still play? - solution - we can add players at anytime if the teams have an opening, email the club to check and then we can send a registration link to you.